What happens with my order after you receive it?

Well, everything about our processes comes down to customer experience. The entire order life cycle is built around customer expectations and the quality of both our product and customer service. Every order is examined by multiple operators at multiple stages. Here is a simplified overview of our process.

Basically, after you place your order, it enters our system where a member of our support team manually reviews all aspects of the order. If everything is clear, they will send you an email, confirming the details of the order and when the order will be shipped. If your item is available in stock, we will send it to you on the next working day. If the shoes are not available, we will need to produce it. The confirmation email sent by the support will contain the details on when the order will enter into production and when it will be ready to be shipped.

During the review of your order, our support team checks the details of order for inconsistencies. This is where the person handling the order goes through your order history and all available communication with you to compare the details such as sizes, colors, strapping, etc. from your previous orders with the current order, handles any notes that might be attached to the order or to a separate email. This is done to make sure that you will receive exactly what you need. If we have any questions or comments, the support operator will include them in the confirmation email. The order will then enter a pending status and its development will be checked daily. If you don't reply to the questions with the final confirmation within 3 days, we will contact you again by email and will "snooze" the order for two more days. In some cases, we may contact you by phone to ensure a faster confirmation process. When the order is confirmed, its status is changed to "Confirmed".

At this point the order is sent into production, and the status of order changes to "In production". A curious fact is that there are constantly 300-500 pairs in different stages of production every week. This number increases in the busiest periods. In the production stage the different details for your shoes and the soles are first cut. Then, they go through different production stages, where a number of operations are done to sew the details together. Finally, the sole is attached, and the shoes are placed in a mold for at least 12 hours. You can see a short video on how moccasins are made on our Youtube channel.

The production QA manager examines the pair and the materials for defects at every stage of the production process. For example, during the cutting stage, the leather is carefully examined to ensure that the details that are cut out do not contain defects, since natural leather always has some defects. At the rest of the stages, we ensure that the operators actually did their job to the highest standard. When the shoes are ready, a final inspection is made and they are sent back to the support and packaging teams. The status of the order changes to "Received".

At this stage, the support operator handling the order once again examines the shoes to make sure that everything was done correctly. If yes, the shoes are packaged and prepared for shipping. If something is wrong, support will contact you with an explanation with what has gone wrong and will offer you additional options. For example, if the straps on a pair of boots are made in different colors than what you ordered, we may offer you the pair at a discounted price, or you may want us to produce a new pair. If you choose a new pair, we will prioritize it over the current orders in production and will ship it as soon as possible.

When the order is ready for shipping, we call the courier and they take the packages from our office. The status of the order to "Shipped", and you receive a notification that the order is shipped. The shipping company enters the package in their system and issue a tracking number. We get the tracking number and enter it in our own system, where we can monitor the status of the shipment using a number of semi-automated tools. For example, we have an internal company bot that notifies us about late shipments or shipments with statuses that indicate failed delivery attempts, delivery exceptions and so on. ZEAZOO Bot is a lot of help, but still, it is not human, so every notification about such shipments is manually handled by a support operator. We will contact you about any issues we detect with the delivery of your package.

Depending on the problem with the shipment we will take a number of actions. If there are no developments on the status of the package, we will open a ticket at the shipping company we have used for your delivery. The shipping company will contact their partners responsible for the actual delivery. We will then check the development of the ticket on daily basis for the next 5 days. If there is still no information about the package, we will offer you additional options. These option may include producing a new pair with a priority and shipping it again. It will then repeat the order life cycle as a priority order.

What we have described here is a simplified very high-level overview of the process. There are a number of supporting operations, all of which mean to ensure that we will not close an order unless we are sure that the order is delivered to you and that you are happy with it. Until then, we are here to help.