How do I take foot measurements and choose the right size?

  • When taking measurements, follow the instructions here.
  • Stretch the tape out when taking length and width measures, overlap tightly when measuring the circumference.
  • Do not round up or down - precise measurements are needed to determine the correct size.
  • We need all three of the above parameters (especially length and circumference) in order to advise you better. Do not add mm/cm for spare room to the measurements you provide us with.
  • Your precisely taken measures must fall within the given length range (column ‘RECOMMENDED FEET LENGTH) and be equal to or less than the upper circumference limit (column ‘MAXIMUM CIRCUMFERENCE TOES’) in the model’s measurement table when deciding on the correct size.
  • Information about size conversions, etc. can be found here.
  • If in doubt, contact us at before making your order.


Why do you recommend at least one centimeter of additional space?

The spare room is designated to account for foot growth, usage of socks, wiggle room.