Last Product Reviews

FOX Blue with camel
J'ai commandé ces chaussures pour mon enfant qui avait un petit défaut orthopédique à corriger. ...
May 25, 2020
ROBIN Blue In-Stock
Mon fils est très bien dans ces sandales qui sont souples, légères et de grande qualité. La seme ...
May 25, 2020
Superbes sandales, la semelle est bien souple, et le podologue qui le suit m'a félicitée pour les ...
May 25, 2020
TIGER in Vegetable Tanned Leather
Lovely product. Very light and comfortable. Made exactly to our requests. Our daughter wants to wear ...
May 25, 2020
MARLIN Multicolored In-stock
This sandals are perfect for my son, nice colores, very good quality an perfect fitting. He likes th ...
May 24, 2020


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Can I customize my pair?

  • You can add a symbol, create your own color combination, have a name/word/number written or request width customizations (consult with us first). 
  • All customization options are found here.
  • Customized products will not be subject to our standard return policy.

Can I change the color of the symbol or the model?

Yes, you can choose model or symbol colors different than the ones in the photos by choosing from the colors available on the rest of the products on our website. Consult with us first, as some materials may not be suitable for the model you are looking at.

The color you receive may be slightly different from the nuance that you would expect, because the colors may look different on your computer monitor.

Customized products will not be subject to our standard return policy.

I want different custom symbols on each shoe - do I pay twice?

No, the customization cost includes a total of two symbols for both shoes - even if they are different.

Can you produce a wider or narrower shoe?

Well, that depends on the model.

Some models have correction options listed in the product description. There is an instruction there on how to order the correction.

If there is no such option, you may contact us with the precise width and circumference measurements for advice, especially if the feet have specifics that make it hard to find the perfect fit.

Customized products will not be subject to our standard return policy.

Can I design my own model?

We suggest that you choose one of our models and contact us to discuss the possible slight modifications.

Producing your own design will be significantly more expensive, as we will have to order new molds and knives, make new patterns, manufacture a prototype, etc.

Can I replace my Zeazoo model's worn-out soles?

Yes, the old sole can be replaced under the following conditions:

Some of our soles are stitched and glued to the leather upper and it is risky to replace them as this may damage the leather material.
Similarly, the soles that are only glued to the leather upper can be replaced, but there is the risk of tearing off the leather insole. 
Another approach is to grind off the old soles and glue them to the new ones so that the leather material bears no damage.

There are two options:
  1. Order a pair of soles - first contact us for order placement instructions. Then, you can use a good cobbler who can grind off the old soles to 2-3 mm thickness and glue the new ones to the old soles - or, s/he can try to replace them entirely.
  2. Return the pair to us and we will replace the soles for free. Still, there will be your delivery costs both ways and it is possible that these costs are higher than the repair at a cobbler workshop around your place of living.