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FOX Blue with camel
J'ai commandé ces chaussures pour mon enfant qui avait un petit défaut orthopédique à corriger. ...
May 25, 2020
ROBIN Blue In-Stock
Mon fils est très bien dans ces sandales qui sont souples, légères et de grande qualité. La seme ...
May 25, 2020
Superbes sandales, la semelle est bien souple, et le podologue qui le suit m'a félicitée pour les ...
May 25, 2020
TIGER in Vegetable Tanned Leather
Lovely product. Very light and comfortable. Made exactly to our requests. Our daughter wants to wear ...
May 25, 2020
MARLIN Multicolored In-stock
This sandals are perfect for my son, nice colores, very good quality an perfect fitting. He likes th ...
May 24, 2020


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 Materials Used

What type of leather do you use?

All our products are hand made of natural materials. We use natural leather and woollen fabrics and all materials (rubber and glue inclusive) are produced in the European Union and meet the EU requirements and standards for safety goods and comply with all applicable REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances - the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use) requirements.

You can read more about the types of leather we use here.

How do I care for my shoes?

You should treat the shoes the way you treat any natural leather product. Your favorite natural care product will be good for our shoes as well. Daily care depends on the type of the shoe and leather.

You can find detailed information here.

What are these markings on the leather?

Even the highest quality leather has natural markings which are analogous to fingerprints. They distinguish natural leather from man-made materials.

No matter how well the leather has been processed, some markings can remain. Any of these markings may be present on your shoes and this can be your assurance that you have a true top grain leather.

Leather is a natural product - grain pattern and color may vary from hide to hide and within the hide.

What types of soles do you have?

We use four types of soles:

1. Soft suede ones for some indoor slippers models.

2. Vibram® crepe 2 mm - New edition since 2020.  For indoor slippers and moccasins, appropriate for outdoor usage as well, becase it is very durable and with a good grip.

3. Vibram® Wave for kids/toddlers indoor and as an option for outdoor shoes. It is 5 mm thick, lightweight and very flexible.

4. Vibram® Superflex material, which at 4 and 6 mm has even better grip, flexibility and wear out characteristics than Vibram® Wave. We use the 4 mm thickness for size up to EU30 and the 6 mm thickness for EU31+.

More detailed information can be found here. 

Is the optional insole made of real wool and leather?

Yes, the insole is made of natural wool and leather which are stitched together by our own shoe-makers.

More information about our insole specifics can be found here.

Why isn’t the insole stitched to the shoe?

The insole is not stitched or glued to the shoe so that you can decide when to start or stop using it. We place double-sided bonding tape at the heel area of the insole and you may decide to mount it inside the shoes to avoid slippage and/or temporarily diminish the spare room for growth for tighter fit.

How much space will the insole occupy?

The inner dimensions of the shoe will diminish by 2 mm.

Is the glue you use natural?

We use non-toxic glue which is produced in the EU and adheres to all applicable regulations. It is not harmful at all, and it bonds the details in such a way as to have no contact with the skin.

Currently, there is no natural alternative on the market that would make a good bond at a reasonable price and a satisfactory technical level.

Why do the shoes smell of glue?

It is the shoemaker's glue that accounts for the initially strong odor which should subdue and disappear soon after beginning of usage.

We produce most of the shoes upon order, so there is not enough time for the smell to disappear before the shoes are shipped.

Can you recommend an adhesive for repair of unglued sole?

We recommend using an adhesive on a Polichloroprene base, a solvent-based contact adhesive. It is very important that the shoe repairer cleans both surfaces (sole and leather - where the shoe has opened) very well before applying the glue.

Can I get laces different from the ones in the model’s photo?

You can purchase silicone laces here.

Some YETI products have the option to add extra laces (the possible different colors can be seen on the product’s photos) from a drop-down menu when ordering.

Do you offer vegan shoes?

No, for the time being we prefer to use natural leather because we believe this is the healthier choice for the feet. We are looking at some options to use natural textile (hemp, cotton) and other alternative materials, but we will need some new equipment for it, which is not among our priorities at this point.