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If you want to customize your shoes with perforation you can choose one of the options from the drop-down menu.

Note: if you use any of the customization options, the product will not be subject to our standard return policy.

The prices of the options in the drop down menus are listed without VAT.

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The three available options are:

1. Small flowers:
When you choose '1 flower' from the drop-down menu, it means one flower per each shoe, '2 flowers' means 2 flowers per shoe, etc.

The appropriate number of flowers depends on the model and the size.
Usually, these flowers are placed along the rim of the sandals models or the ladies shoes. 3 to 5 flowers with 5 petals can be placed along the rim on the side of the upper leather part closer to the midst of the foot, and 3 - along the rim of the other side of the upper leather part, closer to the toes.
If you want flowers in the middle of  the upper leather part of the shoe/sandal, we can put 3-6 flowers, with 8 petals. Contact us before placing the order, in case of any hesitation.

2. Big flower:
It has a second color beneath the perforation. You can choose the second color from the color palette image above. We can make this style of perforation with a second color beneath ONLY on models with a lining - all shoes and sandals.

3. Drops:
Usually, we put these drops on the slippers and the shoes. The possible placements are: the upper leather detail (Corela, Colibri, Robin, Ibis), around the ankle (Tiger and Leo), at the arch (Leo and Tiger).

You can see the above images for examples and ideas.

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