How to order custom design?


Review the available Zeazoo® models at our website here and select the preferred by you model and size. 

Detailed instructions on how to determine the appropriate size for you can be found in tab ‘shoes sizes’ for any respective model. When ready, add to the card your choice. 

In order to change the color of one or more details in the shoe(s), to add a symbol, perforation or name of the kid, choose “CUSTOMIZED” from the left menu. Then choose the relevant product according to your wish: "Perforation", “Custom symbol and color combination”, "Name of the child". 

NOTE: If in the product you selected, there is an option to add (a) Symbol(s), but you would like to have another Symbol, different from the listed in the production options, or you wish to change the color of the listed Symbol(s), then select “No” in the drop-down menu for Symbol.  


Add the preferred option for personalisation from the drop-down menus. The corresponding price of the selected option will appear at the bottom after the drop-down menus.  


In case you have selected the options Symbol, Custom color combination, Name of the child, and Big flower perforation, you need to describe the details about your preferences in the tab ‘Order details’. The numbers of the symbols and color palettes with the numbers of the most frequently used smooth leathers and all VTL’s can be found in the images, right to the main menu. When you are ready with the description click "Save" and add the product to your cart. Follow the steps in the cart to finish your order. 

Our employees will get in touch in case any additional clarifications on your order are necessary. 

Please, note that customised products are not subject to return according to our policy for RETURN AND GUARANTEE. That is why it is of key importance to make the correct measurements for the size that you need. Full instructions on that you can find here

Thank you for your trust! Keep on creating bravely, we are with you! 

Team of Zeazoo®