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Last Product Reviews

Mary Jane Black
Absolutely wonderful shoes, so soft, comfortable and very flexible. And a very nice design.
Sep 3, 2017
LEO Gray
Had Leo for our two year old and now bought it again. Stitching looks funny at first sight, but fits ...
Aug 24, 2017
YETI Black-green in waterproof leather
We had the Yeti with 6 mm sole and lamb skin last year for our back then 18 month year old daughter. ...
Aug 24, 2017
NEMO Watermelon 2
We bought these shoes for my 2 year old daughter. Even though we measured very carefully and multipl ...
Aug 23, 2017
GOBY 1 White
Super soft leather, extremely flexible soles. Perfect toddler sandals. The zeazoo team was very hel ...
Aug 20, 2017


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All our products are manufactured from natural materials. We use natural leather, cotton fabrics, woolen fabrics and materials that are produced in the European Union and meet the EU requirements and standards. Our soles are made of microcellular rubber or Vibram® rubber, and they have been designed, so that they are soft, light and flexible to allow the foot to sense the terrain, while protecting it from the environment.

LEATHER SLIPPERS (for children from 6 months to 5 years of age)

Materials: These slippers are made of natural leather with high quality and amazing softness.
Make: Some of the models are made entirely with hand stitches (moccasins). This is achieved by puncturing the holes by hand first and stitching them manually after that. 
Usage: The leather slippers are suitable for babies above 6 months up to 10 years old children. They are recommended for toddlers and children that walk indoors or on smooth service outdoors.
Lightweight, soft, comfortable and natural. These slippers meet the needs of the growing foot of the toddler. The soft sole and the flexible structure of the entire shoe aim to give a barefoot walking feeling. 
It is recommended that kids up to two years of age walk with soft-sole shoes or barefoot.

SOLE: Some of the models can be made with a light sole of microcellular rubber. The sole is highly flexible, porous and full of air, so walking with it does not prevent the stimulation of receptors child's feet and its natural development. At the same time, it is dense and it protects the foot from injury when walking on uneven terrain and provides isolation. We recommend shoes with hard soles from microcellular rubber for kindergartens. 

MODELS: Find out the best model for your kid.

1. Toddler slippers (6-24 m.)

2. Kids slippers and moccasins (1.5 - 4 years):


3. Kids slippers (4+ years):

LEATHER SHOES (for children from 6 months to 14 years of age)

Our leather shoes are an upgrade of the slipper models with a leather lining. The sole is made of Vibram® rubber and with construction which is more resilient to the environment.

1. Toddler shoes (1-4 years):


2. Kids shoes (4+ years):