How to choose the right size 

You can print a size chart for each of the kids models enumerated below. The movie here is showing how to measure the feet with these sizing charts.
For adults models, look at the size table in the size tab in the product description.

For models ARIEL, CORAL , DORY and SYMPHONY go here.       

For models NEMO, GOBY, SHELL and WILLY go here.



For model MARLIN go here.       

For model KIWI go here.

For models COLIBRI, CORELA, IBIS and ROBIN go here.



For models LEO and TIGER go here.

For models IMPALA and AKITA go here.


For model FOX go here.

For model YETI go here.



If you do not have a printer, follow the directions below on how to measure the feet easily. To determine the right size, look at the size table in each product description.

How to measure the feet:

Take exact measurements with a slightly tightened sewing tape measure. Give us precise measures - do not round up or down, nor give us approximations and ranges because even a difference of 5 mm could be crucial to the proper fit of the shoe on the foot. If the feet of the child are more specific (wide/narrow, high/low, etc.), give us detailed information so we can advise you better.

Take a soft tape measure or a thread.

Kids foot length (1): Put your kid's feet against the wall. The feet must be in a line, the heels should touch the wall. Mark off the tips of the two longest toes with a book.

The foot length is equal to the distance between the point where the tip of the longest toe touches the book to the point where the tip of the heel touches the wall - a diagonal and not a perpendicular.

Toddlers' foot length: It will be easiest to take this measure while the baby is sleeping. Use a lid from a cardboard box and place the heel against one of the folds. Mark off the tip of the longest toe on the lid, then measure the distance between this point and the point where the tip of the heel touches the fold and add about 5-7 mm, thus you will have the actual foot length. 

Circumference toes (2): This measure must be taken by overlapping soft measuring tape or a piece of thread around the widest part of the toes (the "ball" - just behind the base of the toes). This measure must be lower than the maximum circumference written in each product size table for the size you choose.

Circumference arch-midfoot (3): This measure is usually 5-10 mm longer than the measurement of circumference toes. In case it is significantly more than 10 mm, contact us.

Circumference heel-ankle (4): This measure is important in all models with strap closure in front of the ankle. We can customize the lenght of the strap in case you generally know that you face problems with longer or shorter straps in most shoes.

1) If you wonder between two sizes, choose the larger one - it will fit well soon :).

2) If you do not have a soft tape, use a thread and then measure its length with a ruler.

3) If your baby's feet are specific in some other areas (ankle, arch, etc.), send us the additional measurements (as in shown in 3 and 4 on the foot duagram) and informaton in order to determine whether our model will fit well and if we need to make a customization. Please note that there is an extra charge to all customizations.

General Size Chart Converter for Shoes

IMPORTANT: Different models are available in different sizes, so check the size of your model! You can find a measurement table with the shoes' dimensions in "Model name sizes" tab in each product page. 

The internal dimensions of our models are made in standardized molds. In cases in which the internal dimensions of our shoes do not fit the feet by more than 1 cm. we suggest correction of shoes. There is an additional charge for this adjustment (narrowing, widening, intermediate size), depending on its complexity. You can find information about the additional charge in each product. If you opt-in for the correction, you agree that these shoes are not subject to our standard return or exchange policy because they are treated as non-standard models.