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Last Product Reviews

LEO sheepskin
Our 18 month old late walking daughter hates most shoes we've tried, but is running around contently ...
Mar 22, 2017
FOX Purple
It was a nasty surprise to find out that sizing differs between Zeazoo shoes, so ordering the next s ...
Feb 14, 2017
YETI Vegetable tanned leather
A perfect and warm shoes who are well done.
Feb 6, 2017
YETI Brown-gray
Its pretty self-explaining.
Jan 2, 2017
YETI Brown
Unser Sohn trägt den Yeti mit Lammfell jetzt im Dezember in Sachsen/D noch barfuß weil er meint es ...
Dec 15, 2016

How to choose the right size

For models KIWI, COLIBRI, CORELA, IBIS and ROBIN go here.

For models LEO, TIGER AND FOX go here.

For model YETI go

For models IMPALA and AKITA go here.

If you do not have a printer, please follow the directions below on how easily to measure the feet. Look at the table on the bottom of each product on the "More info" tab to determine the right size.

How to measure the feet:

Please, take exact measurements with slightly tightened sewing tape measure. We do not need ranges, because a difference of 5 mm. could be crucial to the proper fit of the shoe on the foot. If the feet of the child are more specific, give us more information on the specifics.



TABLE 1 - General Size Chart Converter for Baby/ Kids Shoes:

IMPORTANT: Different models are available in different sizes, so check the sizing of your model! You can find a table with the internal shoes dimensions in the detailed information under each product. 

When completing your order, there are fields in the "Order Details" tab, for example: Foot length; circumference of the ball of the fingers; circumference of the foot at in front of the ankle, etc. If you doubt the size please write down these dimensions without adding additional millimetres to the real foot dimensions. We will use this information to assess and double check whether you have selected an appropriate model and size, not to produce the shoes exactly according to these measures.

The internal dimensions of our models are made in standardized molds. In cases in which the internal dimensions of our shoes do not fit the feet by more than 1 cm. we suggest correction of shoes. There is an additional charge for this adjustment (narrowing, widening, intermediate size), depending on its complexity. You can find information about the additional charge in each product. If you opt-in for the correction, you agree that these shoes are not subject to our standard return or exchange policy because they are treated as non-standard models.