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YETI Dark Brown with Light Brown Straps in Vegetable tanned leather
A nice and cosy shoe. Our version has a sheepskin insole. It's a great shoe to wear in winter for ...
Jan 27, 2018
YETI Brown with red
We bought this bouts for our little daughter. She loves them. And she walks very comfortable in them ...
Jan 12, 2018
Very flexible warm soles. We bought them for a pair of wellies. They stay and don't slip away and ke ...
Jan 12, 2018
YETI Brown
My son loves his shoes. He never wants to take them off. Everyone says he looks so cool with his boo ...
Jan 10, 2018
YETI Black with yellow in waterproof leather
I am really satisfied with the Yeties for my little girl!
Jan 7, 2018


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Please contact us within 12 hours from the order placement, if you wish to cancel your order.


ZeazooKids will exchange or make an additional discount in the price in case a production defect presents in your ZeaZooKids pair in the first month of usage. The first day of usage is calculated 5 days after we send the parcel for Europe and 10 days for everywhere else. Please contact us with a photo at

In any other situation or regardless the period of wearing out your ZeaZooKids pair, if you face a problem with it, please contact us for further advice.

Refunds or Exchanges:

If you want to return or exchange your ZeaZooKids' product please fill in the following return form.

In addition contact us for further instructions in case you would like to exchange the product or you have a claim.

You may return or exchange your ZeaZooKids purchase within 30 days from day of receipt if it is in a new-like condition, it is a standard product from our on-line catalogue and if it responds to the standard measures. Please send the pairs in the original packaging and insert the invoice.

You cannot return or exchange your product if it is made as a custom order, which includes but is not limited to: custom color combination, custom size, name on the product, custom shoes parameters (exceptions from our standard parameters), custom color combination from vegetable tanned leather products.

ZeaZooKids can only refund items originally shipped by ZeaZooKids (from or from our affiliates - when the purchase was done from another online retailer but shipping was done by ZeaZooKids).
The customer is responsible for the return delivery charges, unless ZeaZooKids made an error with the order (see below).

Who pays the delivery charges when you return or want to exchange ZeaZooKids products:

In case the client returns the full order (not a part of it) directly to ZeaZooKids, ZeaZooKids will refund the full payment for this order (products price + shipping cost).
Example: the client orders three products and pays total of €190 including the shipping cost.
1) The client returns 2 out of these 3 products. ZeaZooKids refunds the price paid for the two products. 
2) The client returns the 3 products. ZeaZooKids refunds the full payment of €190 to the client.

RETURN COSTSZeaZooKids do not cover return costs. The client bears the return delivery charges in all situations, unless some of the provisions enumerated below occurs and ZeaZooKids pays the return delivery charges:

- when a defect is present: a torn stitch, a punchhole in the texture, etc.

- when the product does not match its online store description. For example: You order slippers with a toggle, but receive a pair with a strap fastening;
- when shoe size does not match the one designated in your order: You checked size 19-20, but received 21-22;

Since ZeaZooKids is not at your place of living, please send us pictures proving the mistake or the problem with the shoes.

DISCLAIMER: The color you receive may be slightly different from the nuance that you expect to receive, because the colors may look different on your computer monitor. This is not accepted as a reason for a claim. 

The size you receive does not fit the feet. ZeaZooKids states the dimensions of all shoes, based on the molds ZeaZooKids uses for each individual size and model. The fact that the shoe size you receive could not cover your expecations, based on the dimensions you measured, is not a reason for a claim. 

Exchange procedure - options:

1) You may buy another pair and we will send the new one as soon as possible. We will refund the payment of the first product into your PayPal account once we receive it.

2) You may pay the delivery cost only: PayPal transfer of euro 8 or 11 to and we will send the new pair once we receive the first one.

WE VALUE YOUR OPINION: Your gratification with our products is of utmost significance to us so, please share your opinions and suggestions. We expect your e-mail if a product detail bothers you so that we may find a solution and meet the needs of your child.