Contact us no later than 24 hours after you have placed your order.


Zeazoo Ltd. will exchange your product or will offer a discount in case a production defect arises in your Zeazoo pair during the first month of usage. The first month of usage starts on the day you have received the parcel.

When you request a refund or exchange, please contact us with a photo depicting the problem at

You can contact us for further advice in any other situation or after the one-month period if you face a problem with your product.


If you want to return or exchange your Zeazoo product please fill in the following RETURN FORM.

In addition, when you want an exchange, please contact us at for further instructions.

You may return or exchange your purchase within 30 days from day of receipt if:
  • it is in a "like new" condition
  • it is a standard product from our online catalogue
  • it responds to the standard measures.

Send the return product in the original full packaging and insert the invoice that accompanied it.

CUSTOM PRODUCTS are not subject to our standard return policy:

You cannot return or exchange your product if it has been produced as a custom order, which includes but is not limited to: custom color combination, custom size, name on the product, custom shoes parameters (exceptions from our standard parameters), custom color combination from vegetable tanned leather products. This rule is in compliance with EU regulations, as described HERE, chapter "Your right to cancel and return an order".

We can accept back a custom product as an exception in some cases, as we will not refund 20-40% of the product price or the price of the customization and the shipping costs. Contact us first. This is not applicable for products with size corrections and names.

Zeazoo Ltd. can only refund items originally shipped by Zeazoo Ltd. (from or from our affiliates - when the purchase was processed BY another online retailer but shipping was done by Zeazoo Ltd.).


If you want to return the product/s you received, we will refund the payment for the product/s once we receive the returned package as follows:

  • Full return - the refund will be processed within 2-3 working days after the date we receive your parcel.
  • Partial return - the refund will be processed within 15 working days after the date we receive your parcel.

Refund including shipping - We will refund the Economy shipping charge in the following situations:
  • In case the client returns the full order (not a part of it) directly to Zeazoo Ltd., we will refund the full payment for this order (products price + shipping cost equal to the Economy shipping charge). 
  • If the client has paid for Express delivery Zeazoo Ltd. covers only the part of it equal to the Economy shipping cost.

Example 1: the client orders three products and pays a total of €190 including Economy shipping cost.
  • The client returns 2 out of these 3 products. Zeazoo Ltd. refunds the price paid for the two products.
  • The client returns all 3 products. Zeazoo Ltd. refunds the full payment of €190 to the client.

Example 2: the client orders three products and pays a total of €208 including €28 Express shipping cost.
  • The client returns 2 out of these 3 products. Zeazoo Ltd. refunds the price paid for the two products.
  • The client returns all 3 products. Zeazoo Ltd. refunds the full payment for the products and the cost of the Economy shipping totalling €193 to the client (180 for the products + 13 for the Economy shipping).


Generally, the client makes the payment to the courier for the shipment of the return product back to Zeazoo Ltd
Zeazoo Ltd. would refund return delivery charges if some of the provisions enumerated below occur:

  • when a defect is present: a torn stitch, a punch hole in the texture, etc.
  • when the product does not match its online store description. For example: You order slippers with a toggle, but receive a pair with a strap fastening;
  • when shoe size does not match the one designated in your order: You checked size 19-20, but received 24. 

Since Zeazoo Ltd. is not local to your place of residence, please send us photos depicting  mistake or the problem with the shoes. 


  • The color you receive may be slightly different from the nuance that you would expect, because the colors may look different on your computer monitor. This is not accepted as a reason for a claim. 
  • The size you receive does not fit the feet. ZeaZoo states the dimensions of all shoes as measured on the molds we use for each individual size and model. The fact that the shoe size you receive could not cover your expectations (foot is not comfortable inside the shoe) based on the measurements you provided is not a reason for a claim.
  • Even the best leather has natural markings which are analogous to fingerprints. They distinguish genuine leather from man-made materials. Some marks that can appear on the surface of leather are healed scratches, barbed wire marks, wrinkles and insect bites. Any of these markings may be present on your shoes and this is your assurance that you have a true top grain leather. Leather is a natural product and you may notice areas with different texture, grain pattern and color. From our experience, the leather and the sheepskin even in one hide (from one animal) may differ in the different parts of the animal. The sheepskin's hair length can also differ sometimes to a small extent. We always combine the two materials in a way that they end up in one range of thickness. As for YETI the difference in our standards can vary within 1 mm.


Your gratification with our products is of utmost significance to us, so please share your opinions and suggestions. We expect you to send us an email if a product detail bothers you so that we may find a solution and meet the needs of your child and/or you.