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YETI Brown-gray
Its pretty self-explaining.
Jan 2, 2017
YETI Brown
Unser Sohn trägt den Yeti mit Lammfell jetzt im Dezember in Sachsen/D noch barfuß weil er meint es ...
Dec 15, 2016
YETI Blue with red
great boots which are very flexible. My daughter loves them
Dec 9, 2016
YETI Blue with red
The boots are great for winter weather! Very warm and still flexible (I chose the thinner sole and t ...
Dec 7, 2016
I love these! They're so pretty, soft, good quality ... wouldn't want any other slippers for my son. ...
Nov 22, 2016


Welcome to ZEAZOOkids!

Here you can find shoes for children from 0 to 14 years of age and ladies shoes supporting barefoot walking . There are various models which take into consideration the natural development of the child’s feet. They give a barefoot walking feeling and are made of natural materials, complying with the EU standards for safety chemicals usage (REACHand to our standards as responsible and loving parents.

Personal responsibility and our mission: to provide comfort, freedom of movement, warmth and beauty, so that every parent knows that their child is wearing shoes that will not hurt their feet.

We work with professionalism and with a lot of experience. The shoes are hand-made, which guarantees that every pair is cared for and made with love and attention to the detail by a professional shoe maker. See the About Us page for more information.

Dear parents, we all know how important it is to choose comfortable shoes, made from natural materials that are consistent with the needs of the kid’s feet. Children spend a lot of time in shoes at home, outside or in the kindergarten. That is why we should not underestimate the quality of the shoes we buy for our children.

We are constantly making our best to improve the design and the quality of the materials. Following this need we currently have a new collection from a vegetable tanned leather in our catalog.

Every one of you can customize the shoes and enjoy the moments your kid is growing with each step. 


Jordan (Dad) and Gergana (Daughter) - your shoe designers!